Degusteria Italiana

Dinner menu

Our main ingredients, truffles, cheeses and game, are prepared by our expert chef to create dishes that excite and charm you. Enjoy a pleasant, romantic, regenerating lunch break in the middle of a busy, chaotic but beautiful monumental city.

Black Truffle tasting menu

62° egg, peas, corn, mint, and

black truffle

Bottoni ravioli filled with beef tongue, parsley,

lemon, bell pepper and black truffle

Beef fillet, "zolfini" beans, snow peas

and black truffle

Creamy Hazelnut, Gianduja, caramel, pear,

Vin Santo and black truffle


White truffle tasting menu

From November


Handcut venison tartare, capers,

olives and medlar

Double plin ravioli filled with goose and spinach,

smoked shallot and tarragon

Duck, celeriac and almond

Hemp cake, raspberry, dark chocolate and




Creamy Bitto DOP, leeks,

and bay leaves

24 months aged parmesan cheese ravioli,
pear mustard and balsamic vinegar
San Carlone blue cheese roll, pumpkin,

red onion, anise and coffee

Buffalo blue cheese cake, beetroot

and liquorice

Goat's milk panna cotta, kiwi,

sour cherry, mint



7 courses for an unusual experience

7 courses to letting you be amazed
and guided by our creative flicker

7 courses to taste our own creations
based on cheese, truffle and game

7 courses for introducing us to you...

Our “Carte Blanche” menu is built
by the imaginative mind of our chef Fabio Nistri
and it is made for the whole table


* prices are in euros

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Florence,
near the Uffizi Gallery.
It's a treasure trove of the best Italian dishes
dedicated to true food connoisseurs with a sophisticated, refined palate.


  • Firenze is Open, Come, Come, Come

    The Degusteria italiana agli Uffizi is the perfect dinning experience when visiting Firenze. From the moment you are greeted by the owner till the end of you dinning experience, you shall not be disappointed. Your in a Florentine Restaurant, not a tourist spot. The intimate space is comfortable and you can watch your dishes being prepared. You will find the chef’s ability to take truffles to a level that is unimaginable. Our starters were melt in your mouth. The pasta is perfection. And which ever meat you choose will melt in your mouth. The house chocolate dessert is sublime and the perfect finish. Go to Florence now! Go to the Degusteria now! There was a reason that previously you had to wait weeks for a reservation. This is a not to be missed experience and is utterly unique.

    CitizenoftheWorld13 - Tripadvisor
  • Excellent restaurant

    Really great experience at Degusteria Italiana. We found this restaurant by chance and fall in love with the atmosphere. Atmosphere is great and romantic and refined but is suitable also for small business dinner. We took truffle menu and it was very good. Nice presentation and good taste. Very good wine choise (only the best 150 italian wines). Service is very good and the owner make us feel at home. Premium price but adeguate. Highly reccomended. It usually takes 3 weeks for reservations.

    Maurizio S - Tripadvisor