Degusteria Italiana Firenze

The Crew


Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Fabio Nistri

Born in Prato in 1991, his career started with professional training at the "F. Martini" Institute of Hospitality in Montecatini Terme. He then travelled around Tuscany and abroad working in both gourmet and Michelin starred restaurants, as well as 5* luxury hotels, to put into practice everything he had learnt.

Upon returning to his homeland, he was eager to use his technical skills to contribute to local gastronomy and push the boundaries of traditional Italian cuisine.

Appointed as Chef of Degusteria Italiana at the beginning of 2020, his philosophy of cooking being closely linked to the land, to tradition and hunting (that he was introduced to as a young boy thanks to his father), perfectly embraces the project of enhancing Italian tradition and raw materials in a modern way.

Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Ilaria Merino

Born in 1997 in Campania, she completed her schooling in her hometown at the Maddaloni Institute before embarking on her career working in different parts of Italy. These experiences led her to become passionate about pastry and French viennoiserie in Michelin starred restaurants and 5* luxury hotels.

Since the opening of Degusteria Italiana in 2019, Ilaria has been studying and creating the dessert menu, reimagining the best products of the Italian territory. As our pastry chef, she has introduced part of her own history into the menu, inserting the significant ingredients of her land of origin into many of her creations.

Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Stefano Tacconi

Florence native born in 1990, he followed his passion to the kitchen after studies in another field.

Hungry for knowledge and armed with his love of gourmet cuisine, he moved to London to work in fine dining restaurants and 5* hotels.

Stefano then returned to Florence where he collected other important culinary experiences culminating with his arrival at Degusteria Italiana at the end of 2020.

Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Federico Guidotti

The youngest of the brigade, born in Florence in 2001.

Dynamic, vivacious and with a great capacity to learn, he is also blessed with an exceptional creative streak. Federico has completely integrated into the kitchen staff.

After returning to Italy from a scholarship in Japan, he was immediately selected by the chef to complete the team at Degusteria Italiana. To enrich his training, he undertook different internships at some of the most famous restaurants in the florentine territory.


Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Giada Ardizzola
Addetto di sala e sommelier

Born in Florence in 1995, she dreamed of working in the world of luxury hospitality since she was a little girl, so decided to pursue her education at the local "A. Saffi" Hospitality Institute.

In 2013, during her studies, she achieved the "AIS" level 3 sommelier diploma at only 18 years old.

After completing various internships and work experiences in 5* hotels, she then embarked on experiences abroad in Sweden and Dublin to amplify her cultural and linguistic competencies.

In 2019, shortly after opening, Giada came into the fold. From the first day, she brought her zeal and dedication to the food and wine service at Degusteria Italiana, to create a uniquely special experience for every single client that walks through the door.

Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Davide Panebianco

Born in Genoa in 1994, he attended the "Guglielmo Marconi" scientific school in Carrara and then moved to London as soon as he finished his studies.

Whilst there, he commenced his hospitality career, collaborating with some of the most influential companies on British soil and learning various styles of service in these restaurants.

He returned to Italy in September 2020, relocating to Florence and entering the Degusteria Italiana team, where he demonstrates all that he has learnt of the art of fine dining service from his time in the UK.

Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Holly Vera Pitches

Born in the North East of England in 1996, she graduated from the University of Leeds with an honours degree in Philosophy and Politics.

During her studies, she completed an Erasmus year abroad at the University of Florence and, after returning to her homeland for a short period of time, she moved back here indefinitely in July 2020.

Holly has always been passionate about hospitality and high-end cuisine, having worked in food and beverage for over 10 years, including in a Michelin starred restaurant in her hometown of Newcastle.

General Manager

Degusteria Italiana Firenze
Arianna Di Filippo

Rimini native since 1979, she studied and graduated in Law from the University of Bologna whilst also helping to manage her family's restaurant.

After her degree she started her legal career working in multinational fashion companies in Milan, Rome and Dubai. These experiences gave her the opportunity to understand international business and organisation, and in the meantime she studied to become a sommelier with "ASPI", achieving the level 2 diploma.

In 2011, whilst working in the law sector in Rome, she studied for a master with the 24ORE Business School.

For personal reasons, she moved to Florence in 2019 and opened her second restaurant, Degusteria Italiana, bringing with her her passion for wine and good food.

Arianna manages communications, administration and the brand identity of Degusteria Italiana.