Degusteria Italiana

Exquisite Italian Flavors

The name we chose encapsulates our identity. DEGUSTERIA is an Italian neologism from “gusto” (taste) indicating a place where you don't just eat your meal, but time stops and senses amplify to let you appreciate our delicacies calmly and passionately.

The adjective that completes our name, ITALIANA, literally means Italian and qualifies our selection of foods: only local specialties with a strong focus on Tuscan and Florentine dishes.

The Best Wines in Italy

Our foods require an equally excellent wine. We offer the finest quality Italian wines from all over the peninsula, including renowned local products such as Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Amarone and many more... Only the bottles that have been approved by the wine experts of Wine Spectator and OperaWine are worthy of inclusion in our wine list.

Exclusive Location

We are an intimate restaurant with strictly limited number of tables in order to offer each guest a premium experience.

Here you will find a luxurious, elegant atmosphere, matching the beauty of Florence's historical city center. The ideal place where you can taste gourmet dishes in total relaxation and let their flavors overwhelm you.

We are located in the heart of the city between Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio, a stone's throw from the Uffizi Museum. Our restaurant is a regenerating break for haute cuisine lovers. Inside our walls you can breathe art and culture, with grotesque frescoes and references to the main artworks of the Florentine Renaissance. The look of the restaurant is completed by fine classic furniture and sumptuous teardrop chandeliers made by skilled Florentine artisans.

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Florence,
near the Uffizi Gallery.
It's a treasure trove of the best Italian dishes
dedicated to true food connoisseurs with a sophisticated, refined palate.