Degusteria Italiana

Italy On A Plate

Italian cuisine is an explosion of colors and flavors. We decided to focus on three types of specialties, Truffle, Cheese and Wild game, to best convey their properties and taste.

We put all our passion into creating the best Italian recipes inspired by tradition for each group. The typical dishes of the Tuscan and Florentine area are our priority. We cook with seasonal ingredients in order to capture the best nature has to offer at any time of the year.

All our dishes are unique works of art. We offer them à la carte or as part of a tasting menu to guide our guests on a journey to discover fine Mediterranean foods.

Intriguing aromas and flavors will awake your most hidden emotions during our curated tasting experience, which is much more than just a simple meal.

A good glass of wine, equally refined, will accompany your dishes to enhance their taste sip after sip.

Delicious Italian Ingredients

We roam Italy as far and wide as possible on the lookout for always new, exquisite foods to include in our dishes. We carefully select best-quality ingredients, exclusively of Italian origin, to celebrate our rich national culinary tradition. We source them from trusted producers in their places of production so as to guarantee freshness and authenticity.

We dedicate great attention to local Florentine and Tuscan specialties, but in our menu you will also find many other options. From North to South, we have chosen to recreate the most representative recipes of each region to offer an all-round genuine Italian experience.

From Trentino-Alto Adige's deer to Norcia's black truffle, from Alba's white truffle to Apulian burrata, our menu includes only the best Italian meats, cheeses and truffles.

Our Staff

Our mission is not only choosing the best ingredients.

A much more difficult challenge is preparing dishes in a way that strongly enhances the wholesomeness and quality of their selected raw ingredients. This mission motivates Degusteria Italiana's team to give their best efforts from product research to processing and dish presentation.

Our daily commitment is shared by the restaurant owner Arianna Di Filippo, who carefully selects each ingredient with the help of her partner Alessio, as well as our Florentine Chef, who has a long experience in international starred restaurants.

You can see them at work inside the restaurant through our open kitchen, a direct window on the culinary passion that we put into our recipes.

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Florence,
near the Uffizi Gallery.
It's a treasure trove of the best Italian dishes
dedicated to true food connoisseurs with a sophisticated, refined palate.